A Day in the Life - I won't poke her eye ... anymore

The weekend before last, our new niece (my first niece!) and the girls' new cousin arrived a bit early!

I got to hold her too
Victoria talks about her a lot, but one thing she keeps saying is "I won't poke her in the eye anymore."

Maybe we warned her too specifically about being gentle? For the record, I'm fairly certain Tori didn't poke her in the eye any during their brief first meeting. I was nervous as she was touching her head, but she was really very gentle about it.

Dude, Tori, GiGi, Brooklyn, and a subdued Shelby (notice the post-Halloween shoes)
Tori does have a bit of a thing about poking eyes. I blame a counting game I sometimes let her play on my technology. You have to poke number-shaped monsters in their appropriately numbered eyes to wake them up. She has poked me in the eye several times ... she thinks it is a big joke and a fun game.

Lets face it ... she thinks almost everything is a big joke and a fun game unless it happens to her.

But I'm relieved to know silly, laughing Victoria doesn't plan to poke cousin Brooklyn in the eye.