A Day in the Life - Dreams in the Field

We just came back from visiting GiGi and Dude (my parents) so I missed a couple of posts. We all need a break sometimes, right? More about that on Friday ...

The other night at dinner, Shelby was telling us that she was going to have good dreams, but then bad dreams were going to come and take her good dreams. I'm sure I don't have this verbatim because she was talking very fast ... but Shelby has some ideas about how dreams work.

"Yes, I have a good dream but then a bad dream comes and TAKES it."

*insert swiping hand motion*

"Then I wake up and I say 'Oh, it was a dream. God, take it away.' Then God TAKES my bad dream (*insert hand swipe again*) and puts it in the grass."

Mommy: "God puts your dream out to pasture?" (Bad Mom Joke, I know. She didn't get it.)

"Yes, in the trees on the other side of the house. And it is in the grass and says 'Oh well.' Then it comes in my ear."

Mommy: "Your bad dreams come back through your ear?"

"Yes! And they come to my good dreams and take it away, take it away, take it away. Every night."

*said with hand uplifted and eyes rolled upward* Those pesky bad dreams.

If I'm understanding correctly, bad dreams live in the pasture on the other side of the house and come back at night to take good dreams away. Maybe if we go out there we can scare them away for good so they won't be coming back.

The funny thing is she didn't really seem all that bothered about this whole process.