A Day in the Life - K = T

When the girls say something the wrong way, I don't correct them anymore. Because so far, they correct themselves and then I miss their little Shelby-isms and Tori-isms.

I miss "coo mees" ... which was how Shelby used to say "Excuse me."

I'll miss "boo doo" (blue) ... it's already becoming "blue-doo" and sometimes just "blue."

Victoria (Bictoria) has taken the cake though, which one little letter switch.

A "drape!"

She pronounces the K sound for the T sound. And it kills me every time.

Come = Tome

Milk = Milt

Momma's girl! Loves her "tips" and salsa.

Cake = Cate

Daddy goes to "wort."

First "tamping" trip
She begs us to "tick me" or to "stop ticking me." She accuses Shelby of "ticking her" and I'm not quite sure what to do if I didn't see it. It could mean kick, it could mean tickle.

She doesn't like to be grabbed around the "net" [who does?!].

In the morning she is excited to "wate" up.

I "pit" this for YOU!
I know there are some I missed. It seems like new ones pop up every day.

Then one day, she'll wake up (instead of "wate" up) and it'll be as if it never happened. And I'll miss Tori's Ts.

Eager to start "amastits" when she turns 3