End Your Week Well - A Full Life

What does it mean to live life to the fullest?

I think I got a glimpse last week watching To Joey, With Love.

Tim and I had a rare date night, last minute even! I had seen a preview for this months ago and had almost forgotten until I saw something on Facebook of all places. Social media isn't always evil I suppose. It was a one night event, so it was one of those now-or-never opportunities and Tim jumped on it.

We knew how Joey and Rory's story ends. I actually first found out who they were while watching RFD with my in-laws. This was pre-cancer. When their fame was just beginning to blossom. They had a music show, and even then shared windows into their life.

Joey was pregnant. They showed her readying the nursery. So happy. So peaceful.

And instead of being soothed, I was seething. "Good for you" I thought. I almost walked out of the room. There she was, showing off her perfect life and her perfect nursery. I didn't have a nursery. I had a pack-n-play shoved between a rocking chair and a dresser. I didn't have a song in my heart or on my lips ... I was barely getting through the day in, day out same-old-same-old routine that was my life at the time.

Only, now I know. She wasn't showing off. And nothing is perfect. They didn't sing those songs because it sounded good. They meant every word.

They were letting cameras into their home because that is the kind of people they are. And God used that ... is using that.

Nothing was perfect because in a few short years Joey would go to heaven after a fierce fight with cervical cancer. She won't record another song. She won't welcome another camera into her home.

Yet I'm still learning from her. Part of what I have learned is that I may not have been decorating a nursery, but I had a baby coming. I had a roof over my head and food to eat and people who loved me through one of the hardest times of my life (and possibly theirs).

I learned that God is good all the time and that if I will change my attitude to find Him in everything, I can stop striving, stop comparing, stop expecting the worst in people. I can be happy for someone who seems to have more than me because all any of us really have is Jesus. Everything else can vanish in a moment.

My life was fuller than I was able to see. Chances are your life is fuller than you think too.

I thought I would cry through the whole movie, and I cried plenty. But I laughed more. And I think I got a glimpse of what it is like to really live. It has nothing to do with everything being just right and more to do with being right with Him and living a life that celebrates that.

"I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly."  
- John 10:10b

There is going to be an encore ... October 6th. Go buy your tickets now, because I'm willing to bet it sells out. Even if you don't gospel music, sad stories, happy babies, or country living ... its one night. It'll be worth it.