A Day in the Life - The Hand of God

I know kiddos do this ... but it still caught me by surprise. Sometimes Shelby does something that I don't think we have done ... or says something we don't say ... and we ask "Where did you learn that?" Sometimes because it is funny. Sometimes because we are amazed. Sometimes because it is rude. Sometimes because it is baffling.

It started innocently enough ... Victoria really did teach Shelby to scream. Cousin Cabub (Caleb) really might be where she learned a few things. Then along came A, and suddenly A was responsible for everything.

Right over there!
Technically she's younger than Shelby ... but its complicated and she definitely acts older than her age. And she's a hoot and a joy just like my girls are. But for whatever 4-year-old reasoning Shelby has ... she is the inspiration behind mischief.

A told me I can do that. A does that. I learned that from A.

It was pulling me!
Almost as soon as A became the scapegoat ... she was replaced.

Where is your sunshine game piece?

Maybe a hand took it.

A hand?

Yes a hand came down and TAKED it.

What hand?

THE HAND OF GOD ... spoken with all the seriousness you would expect of a four year old who though that, just maybe, God reached down into her house and took her quarter-inch square cardboard game piece. Yeah.

Maybe a hand took it?
God gets blamed for almost anything that is missing now. Even though God made the sun, God maybe took her sun game piece. Maybe God has Victoria's baby. Maybe God needed her blanket because He was cold.

She's even dreamt about the hand of God. One morning she told me His hand came down and took her to heaven. That made me uneasy, [do you feel me fellow moms?] I asked more details, and she said God's hand came down and rescued her from the green house. What green house? Have you seen it before? No, but she was hurt in the green house and God's hand picked her up.

"It's scawy" Yes ... yes Tori it is kinda scary
If you invite us over and your house is green, please don't be offended when you hear me grind into reverse and stipple the front of your home with gravel.

They even play a game where "a hand" is taking them, and she and Tori do impressive impressions of being dragged by the back of their shirts by an unseen hand.

I suppose apples didn't fall far from the tree with these two.

For the record ... I did find the sunshine game piece. It had slipped under the edge of a piece of trim and I fished it out while cleaning. But my cleaning is a story for another time ...