A Day in the Life - #girlmom

Femininity was never my strong point. I don't really know why - it wasn't as if it was discouraged in my home. I had two brothers, but being the oldest I can only imagine it wasn't their influence that made me a tomboy.

After a rain I could be found down the street in the best mud puddle. One of my favorite colors is camo. I hate cardio. I love lifting. I like punching things. Throwing things. Flipping tractor tires. I don't want to be a boy, I never did. I like a little bling with my camo and a plaid skirt with my Docs and flannel.

If you had told me I would marry a first responder/mechanic/fixer and have two children, I'd have assumed they were to be boys. I'm the perfect boy mom, it was obvious God designed me for that role! We'll rough-and-tumble, play in the mud, I'll teach them to drive standard and we'll go autocrossing as a family!

Enter Shelby. Pink was her first favorite color. She is blond curls and princess pretend. She has had a feminine grace from the beginning; soft, fluid movements and nurturing purring through her voice and her hands. Daddy is going to have to teach her to drive ... she simply doesn't have the instinct. She has asked me to slow down on numerous occasion (when I wasn't speeding). She picks a dress over pants every time. I don't even think she owns any PJs right now; only nightgowns for Shelby.

Don't get me wrong, she's tough. But she has a strongly feminine air about her and I have no idea where she got it. God made her special indeed and I sit back in awe of how He works.

Then we were pregnant again, and I was so much sicker than the first time. I threw up in HEB. I was sure we must be having a boy this time. Enter Victoria. Now, if one of them is a tomboy it is her. She makes a beeline for piles of dirt. She's rough and loud. She has a temper. But she has a softness too and feelings that are hurt with a sideward glance.

Big sister often relegates her to the role of prince, but Tori doesn't take that. She's every bit a princess as big sister. She's picky about her shoes and she loves heels. Singing is her forte, and she does it oh so sweetly every chance she gets. Princess Aurora is her favorite and "Once Upon a Dream" is her bedtime request.

Being a #girlmom is pulling pink, glittery lint from the trap. It's ear-splitting squeals of terror and delight. It's cleaning and cooking and babies. It's dancing and dresses and jewels.

I'm so blessed God picked me to big a #girlmom.