A Day in the Life - Where Are We Going?

Where are we going on this day?

Every day I get asked the same question. Sometimes as soon as they get up, but if I haven't by the time I asked them to get dressed I sure do then. Why get dressed if we aren't leaving the house? Its funny to me that they have that attitude because Mommy has this "we're going to get dressed at least for a little while every day" thing.

From the time she was a brand new tiny baby we weren't really sure they'd let us take home (she was barely over the bottom end of the weight range for her carseat) Shelby has done a lot of going somewhere:

Shelby's first trip in the car - we seriously thought they'd take one look and say "Oh no, you're staying here!"

GiGi and Dude's House - 152 miles
Hospital - 68 miles
Pediatrician - 64 miles
HEB - 55 miles (or 39 miles)
Walmart - 17 miles
Church - 7 miles
Library - 8 miles
Grandma and Grandpa's House - 0.3 miles (unless you cut across the pasture)

I want to drive!!!!
Because she was little, and because I'd had HELLP syndrome, we drove back into Austin many times just in Shelby's first few weeks home. Now we drive to College Station every week for gymnastics and groceries. Even if we want to go to Walmart, it's over a 30 mile round trip. You don't just "run to the store."

Getting gas after getting groceries! Party time!
Yet every day, the girls want to know where we are going. Granted, we've been very busy this summer with trips, birthday parties, VBS, and the like. And the past few days we've been receiving blessed, glorious, dare I say rare August rains. Highs in the upper 80s? Mid-August? Thank you Lord!

Awww yeah, this is so much better than being at home in my nice comfy bed for a nap.
We went somewhere every day last week. But you'd think it was the dead of winter in Minnesota and a snow-bank has covering the door for weeks; the cabin fever ran hot in this house Monday morning. I'm all for a little "get out because we just need to get out" ... but frankly, it's still raining. Mommy knows what is coming tomorrow. And Beast gets 12mpg. You don't just run around for the sake of running around.

Maybe riding bikes on the porch after their nap will be something. Sit-n-spin races and a dance-off was apparently not enough.