What Shelby Said Wednesday - What Victoria Said: Somebody Clean Up!

The girls are actually really great about cleaning up ... in the video below, I had been washing dishes. When I turned the water off, I heard them singing "the cleanup song." They had decided they wanted a different toy out and spontaneously started picking up what they already had out. I was flabbergasted ... they can be taught!! There is hope!

Victoria has a very cute way of singing it. She usually still picks things up, but she's a bit of a negotiator. Yes, already. I tell you ... lawyer, president, comedian ... that girl. I can't help but wonder if she really wants someone else to do the work ...

Original Clean Up Song ...

Clean up, clean up, everybody everywhere!
Clean up, clean up, everybody do your share!

Tori's Clean Up Song ...

Clean up, clean up, somebody clean up!
Clean up, clean up, somebody!