What Shelby Said Wednesday - Not All the Way Up

For anyone who doesn't know her well, Shelby is very observant.

Yesterday we were across from a set of those huge flags like you often see at car dealerships, and quite seriously - as if she knew it was important, Shelby asked me from her booster seat in the back:

"Mommy, why is that Texas flag not all the way up?"

I explained that it was called "half mast" (I've since learned the correct term is "half staff" since we aren't on a ship) when a flag is halfway up the flag pole, and that it is done out of respect. That we sometimes do it on important anniversaries but that sometimes it is because someone has died.

How do you explain the past week to an almost-4 year old little girl? I told her several police men in Dallas had been killed last week.

"But don't they help people?"

Oh sweet girl. Seriously, what do you say in these moments you weren't expecting? Yes Shelby, the police officers were protecting a lot of people. Some other people were angry at the police and did something very wrong.

She changed the subject after that, but until today I had thought my innocent children were untouched by the tragedy of the past week. Please continue to pray with me that God will use this to turn our country back to Him ... that we can all remember we're all Americans. Hopefully we all love this country and want to see it be the best that it can be. I haven't given up hope that my children can grow up in a good country that honors and fears a great God.