What Shelby Said Wednesday - Little Ms Muffet

Maybe it is inherent in God's programming of little girls ... maybe it is influenced at least a little by Mommy ... but my girls are very aware of spiders. They vacillate between obsession and screaming terror.

The other day I spotted a gorgeous sunrise outside and grabbed my Nikon to try some photos. We have two resident orb weaver garden spiders on one of our bedroom windows, and I started taking photos of them as well.

Shelby was up and came outside with me in her nightgown. She started pulling me backwards, yelling "Mommy you're too close! There's a SPIDER there! It might GET YOU!"

As I explained to her that it is good to be cautious of spiders because some of them can hurt us, and that the big black and yellow garden spider with its big web was scary looking (there used to always be one on my grandmother's house in the summer and I was TERRIFIED of it) that they actually just eat bugs, which is really helpful! Then I thanked her for keeping me out of the web, because I don't like getting sticky spider web all over me ... and the spider wouldn't appreciate me tearing up the web it worked so hard on.

While my motherly yammering continued, she was staring with apprehensive fascination. In her sweet little nightgown she reminded me of Little Ms. Muffet.

Little Ms. Muffet and her spider friend

Interested ... but still not so sure

I couldn't resist the sunrise-kissed curls and those sleepy blue eyes