Transformation Tuesday: Partner Up

The other day, while we were doing one of Autumn's "Chisel" workouts, she asks "What made you push play today?" And Tim answered "My wife!"

This week, Tim is gone on a mission trip. I miss him in so many ways! So today for Transformation Tuesday I'll tell you how I miss him as a workout partner.

We didn't start out working out together, but now that we have been for a while I really notice differences when we don't for whatever reason.

Of course, first it's that extra motivation on days that you're dragging your feet. Sometimes knowing he's getting ready to work out gives me the little extra kick in the pants I need to get up and do the same. And sometimes knowing that if I don't he won't is the motivation I need to go start the process of changing clothes and setting up.

Tim also tells me when my form is off. Even if you have a mirror (or your reflection in a window when it's still dark outside, in my case) it can sometimes be difficult to see how you're doing. Sometimes I even ask Tim if something looks right when I'm feeling awkward in a given position.

While most of the videos I've ever done are very encouraging, there's nothing like someone there in the room, sweating right alongside you, telling you that you can do it. Or someone for you to cheer on when things are getting tough. To the person on the screen I feel like "You can't see me and you don't know me, how do you know I can do it?" But I know Tim knows, so if he says it I am more likely to believe it and really push.

We laugh together, sometimes we even get a little competitive (but, let's face it, I'm not sure if I'll ever be fighting him for the 30 lb dumb bells). He does things like point out just how many times Sagi says "nice" (thanks, now I'll never be able to UN-notice it). He can push down on my rear when my child's pose isn't settling in just right.

Everything is more fun together, and I think a good workout partner is priceless.