Freestyle Friday - Thirsty

I can still remember when Tim first asked me if I liked hiking. Gosh, I LOVE walking in the woods! Along rocks! Uphill and downhill! But I thought hiking referred to something more than that ... perhaps backpacking ... rock climbing ... so I said that I didn't really think I'd ever been hiking.

We went on our very first hike in May to Bastrop State Park (Lost Pines). This was well before the fires, and we've been back a couple of times since. Once on a date (Tim carved our initials in a tree which I imagine is long gone with the fires of 2011) and once when I was pregnant with Shelby and experiencing a kidney stone.

A few weeks later I actually took a day off work and we went to Pedernales Falls State Park. It was breathtaking.

I've never wanted to ignore a not swimming sign so badly in my life! The water was crystal clear. It was the very definition of the word "inviting." It was also the first day that summer over 100 degrees.

We hiking among the flood-smoothed stones of the falls themselves for a while before lunch, admiring the view, being awed by the size of the rocks and the way the weather had carved them.

Then we headed for a longer hiking area. It was really a road, and a rather easy, if not nearly uninteresting hiking area. Though if you leave the beaten path ...

You can find a beautiful pool, which we did when we took our lunch. Then onward it was! It was a longish hike but there were supposed to be breathtaking 30 mile views at the end.

So we hiked, and talked, and there was little incident on the way to the end. Though we found it to be a bit disappointing.

It was on the way back that things got interesting. The temperature had bubbled up drastically, and our water was getting low. What had seemed like plenty when we set out became alarmingly lightweight. How long had it taken us to get here?

We sipped sparingly, eventually sharing one bottle, as we trekked stubbornly from one patch of shade to the next. That'd be the bad part of hiking on a road ... very little cover. At one point we met a large red man wearing only shorts and sunglasses jogging in the opposite direction. He looked sunburned all over. I'm still not sure we really saw him, or if he was an apparition summoned by our frying neurons.

It is possibly one of the hardest things I've ever done, physically. But we made it. Water out of the questionable spigot near where we had parked silenced us for long minutes as we slaked our papery throats. We definitely got a little closer that day.

I can't wait till the girls are old enough to start hiking more. With plenty of water of course.