What Shelby Said Wednesday

In case you didn't know, my in-laws have a flock of sheep, and we live next door to them. Sometimes we go over for dinner and stay to help with chores. Shelby has actually started to really be able to help, which is awesome ... how many kids get to do things like that??

Well, this weekend we did that. Shelby was helping her Daddy feed the rams - the grown-up boy sheep. I wasn't there to hear this first hand (I was with Tori, who was making friends with lambs):

Personally I think Daddy handled it wonderfully. At least now one of those dreaded lessons that you know will come up when you only have girls is at least broached. I'm sure it will come up again at the most embarrassing time possible.

Tim: Oh boy. Shelby was asking about "those things hanging down" on the rams ... I told her they were their boy parts to help them make babies. I said the ram sheep have boy parts and the ewe sheep have girl parts and that they are different looking parts. She didn't ask anymore, heh.