What Shelby Said Wednesday - What Victoria Said - NO! NO! NO! NO! NO!

Last month Victoria turned two.

And she is two, and everything that comes with it. I don't know that she is more "terrible two" than Shelby was, or if it is just amplified by higher volume and more of a temper. When she isn't in the throes of a tantrum she is the sweetest little girl, smart and expressive and a tease.

But woe to those who dare not "be nice me" (being nice being defined as doing exactly what she wants, how she wants it done, and when she wants it done - which is usually NOW).


Mommy: Victoria are you all done?

Victoria: NO! My food! My plate!

Mommy: OH! I'm sorry, I thought you were done!

Victoria: NO! All done! *flailing, threatening to throw her plate*


Mommy: And here's your blanket...

Victoria: NO! Blanket OFF! NO! Nonononono!!!!!! *kicking blanket, swatting at the air with an arm*

Mommy: OK, goodnight! See you in the morning!

Victoria: My blanket on! *in the saddest, why-are-you-neglecting-me? voice*


Shelby: Here do you want some sweet tea?

Victoria: NO ... yesh!

After a tantrum:

Mommy: Victoria are you two?

Victoria: NO!!!!!!

Oh yes, yes she is. And we love her.