Transformation Tuesday - Be That Turtle

There is a pond in front of our house. On any given day there may be a dozen or so turtle sunning themselves on branches floating in the water or along the edges. But once and a while we have seen a turtle making a desperate treck away from the pond to parts unknown. I'm that turtle.

Ok ... maybe not literally THIS turtle cause I think he's actually missing a foot ... but you get the idea
I've shared before that I'm pretty good at losing weight. And gaining it back. I've been a yo-yo dieter and binge-exerciser for as long as I can remember. Even in high school I remember some episodes of running in the wee hours of the morning while the whippoorwills whistled shyly into the navy blue sky.

This time is different. I've already stuck with it longer than I ever did in the past. Last week I started a round of 30 Day Chisel; doing just the Chisel exercises from Hammer & Chisel (because I don't really feel a need to add muscle right now, but to lean out and tone what I've already built).

Even after admonishing you that you need to take your measurements, I hadn't really jumped back into that. This seemed like a good place to start, so I got out my tape measure and my notecards. I found the one from when I started in November, about 7 months ago.

Wherever you are on your journey, seven months might sound like a long time. But let me give you my stats:
  • Weight: Start 191 - Now 156.8
  • Chest: Start 38.5 - Now 35.25
  • Right arm: Start 14 - Now 12.25
  • Left arm: Start 14.5 - Now 12.5
  • Waist: Start 38.5 - Now 31
  • Hips: Start 44 - Now 38.5
  • Right thigh: Start 25.5 - Now 20.25
  • Left thigh: Start 25 - Now 20.5
  • Right calf: Start 16 - Now 14.25
  • Left calf: Start 16 - Now 14.25
I've lost 34.2 pounds ... 33.25 inches ... my HIPS are now the size my WAIST was when I started!! My thighs alone have lost 5 inches EACH.

The first round of 21 Day Fix I lost 8.2 lbs. I could be disappointed that trend didn't continue. But ya know what? Rather than lost a lot of weight fast, I'm happy to be a turtle this time. Slogging away one pound at a time. Celebrating the little victories (running around without getting out of breath, doing things without my lower back seizing up, finding out I can wear a size 6, being able to stop modifying various exercises).

What I'm doing is sustainable. I can do 30-40 minutes of workout most days of the week. I can eat on the portion fix eating plan. And I can sure drink Shakeology. Of course I have days where I'm not perfect! But being a turtle means not blowing my whole week because of it.

Being a turtle means not continuing to skip workouts just because I missed one and got off-schedule.

Turtles don't set unreasonable goals ... but they stay focused on the ones they've set. The rabbit may pass you by, but they are sacrificing something. And when the rabbits have run out of energy and are napping ... the turtles will keep on going and maybe even offer them a hand along the way.