Freestyle Friday - Husband Material: Expectation

What thoughts come to mind when you think of expectation? Perhaps a
less than desirable experience at a well recommended restaurant? Or
the sudden and un-expected failure of a product chosen based on the belief that
it's claims were true? Or maybe you've experienced transcended
expectation; something or someone that went well beyond what you

When I was working EMS there was a lot of propaganda about customer
service and exceeding patients' expectations. How DO you exceed
someone's expectations in a given experience? Well, it starts by
knowing that person's desires, their goals, what they are [paying for]
and in turn expecting to get. In the case of this EMS agency, which is
not unlike any other business today.... there were little placards at
the rear of the patient comartment wall prompting patrons of our
services to text or call a particular number to give feedback and rate
their service; essentially, did you receive the service you expected?
I do not know the outcomes of this attempt at gauging and meeting
people's expectations but I do not believe it was very effective.

There have been times in my life that something or someone did not
dramatically exceeded expectations that I had built up. And the first
one in the line of mis-attempts is me. Interesting. Why is it that I
am the worst offender of not meeting my own expectations? Certainly I
would know what I expect. Right?

Wrong! The more I try to achieve or
exceed my own expectation, under my own strength, the bigger the

Example: My wife and I celebrated our 5th anniversary a few weeks ago
and I had arranged for a night away while our girls stated with
family. I scoured the internet trying to find the 'perfect' overnight
accommodations within short driving distance of where family was. We
love B&B's, nope... should have made arrangements a year ago. How
about the local winery/B&B... eh, common living/relaxing spaces and
tiny bedrooms next to each other isn't what I had in mind either.
Hotel with ensuite Jacuzzi and room service...! That's it! It's
expensive, but it will be worth it because it offers seclusion,
private relaxation and we can have coffee and breakfast in bed,

No, not quite what I expected. Ensuite Jacuzzi
definition differs from the grandiose pictures you saw on the
internet... it's in the bathroom. We only offer dinner room service,
not breakfast. The suite available to you is well worn and dingy,
despite being fairly new. Needless to say, I was disappointed in my
attempt to meet and exceed my own expectations of the night. In my
mind, everything hinged on our accommodations. That was my fatal
mistake. Despite my loving wife's delight at my surprise of an evening
away, I couldn't get the missed-the-mark expectations out of my head.
I think she could tell I was disappointed but she didn't let on. The
accommodations and service were not what I had expected but the night
away with my bride was exceedingly so.

So where do our expectations come from? What causes one person to have
insurmountable expectation and another to not? I think, in part, it
has to do with what value someone places on the 'something'. We have
an expectation that our girls obey and be polite. When they do not,
there is a value, a price, placed on their disobedience and impoliteness [unmet
expectation]; a value that is measured by what the Bible has to say
about obedience and discipline. Same holds true of our Heavenly
Father, He has explicit expectations of His children and when they are
not met, there are loving consequences involved.

Stay tuned for part 2 as I uncover human and Godly expectation.