Freestyle Friday - Repurposed

I love repurposed things, especially when they already belong to either myself or my family. For example, our vent-hood cover is off an old creep feeder that was on the land our house sits on.

Even though we live in the country, I get a little nervous about the fact that our master bedroom windows aren't covered. Especially on nights when I hear ATVs zipping around; probably hog hunting, but what if it is someone who doesn't realize our unmarked driveway actually leads to a house someone is living in?

Plus, being an off-limits, East facing room that is closed off all morning ... it frankly gets kinda warm. I thought doing something to the windows might block a little of the morning sun and soften the edges of the room a bit in addition to giving some privacy.

Anyways, I decided to do something about it, but I didn't want to lose our views of the sunrise and the pond. And I didn't want to spend money.

My first thought was just to do what I had already done in the bathroom and make a short curtain of burlap with a tension rod and some quick sewing. I still had a good bit of burlap left over for our wedding ... but when I started measuring ... it just wasn't enough for three windows.

Then I remember we ALSO had natural (unbleached) cotton bunting from the wedding, which we used to soften the tables everyone sat at for dinner. I love our wedding. It was in my parents' backyard ... my Mom really did most of the work. I had a dream that I was getting married in their backyard before I even met Tim. Unbeknownst to me (and pre-Pinterest) Mom had started collecting ideas and the items needed to do them without telling me.

Everything was rustic; tin tubs for drinks, old tables, Mason jars ... I even fashioned the floral arrangements out of dried flowers and fresh Mother's Day bouquets (taken apart and grouped by color) bunched to look like the wildflowers you picked for your momma as a little girl and she put in a jar of water to admire. I love being able to take our girls to the arbor we stood under and tell them THIS is where Mommy and Daddy got married.

I fashioned curtains to hang high enough I felt covered were anyone to be outside, but low enough I can simply walk up to them and look out. To keep the look complete, I had them come to the same height from the floor on all three windows even though the windows are completely different sizes.

I'm not going to attempt to tell you how to sew them other than I cut the bunting to a size to allow for seams on the sides and bottom, but only sewed a rod pocket on the burlap and left the edges raw. Then I just sewed the two pieces together with a zigzag stitch lest the burlap threaten to unravel.

Oh! And you can see one of our repurposed hymnal holders on the wall in the corner too ...
It really made our room feel more soft and cozy, but still with a rustic feel. And I just love the nostalgia of being surrounded by things from our wedding.