Freestyle Friday - Mirrors (a poem)

This weekend in our adult Sunday school class, someone mentioned how the Bible is a true mirror. When we assess ourselves we aren't getting "the whole picture" but the Bible pierces into the heart and can show us who we really are ... if we let it.

I actually used to write a lot of poetry. In researching yesterday's post I came across a song written by Moses. Obviously David was a bit of a poet himself. And it reminded me that is also a tool that God sometimes uses. I always enjoyed writing poetry - sometimes it comes out structured, sometimes a glimpse of chaos frozen in the form of written words.

So. Now you know. Maybe I'll start sharing some more often.


I looked into the chrome-shine face
Examined what I saw ...
How many hours lay in waste
While judgement there was brought?

I looked on glittering lives of friends
And held mine alongside.
How many tears have found their end
When measurement was short?

I looked upon His written word
And invited Him to speak.
Giving over all "consume me!" ... tipping in like Alice's glass
In reflecting Glory not my own can peace be made at last.