As a Deer Pants - Thirsty Thursday: Nature

Sometimes I wonder what would have become of me if I hadn't been raised in a Christian home and going to church. Since being outside feeling the wind or the heat, watching the weather change before my eyes, listening to the calls of wild things communicating with one another and the night, wondering at the deafening cacophony than can echo off as small a pond as the one in front of our house ... I think I know my answer.

Though I fight logic tooth and nail like a true creative, I am a scientist. I like to study things. I find a certain enjoyment in natural order. Explanations, especially those that are unexpected, fascinate me. The inner workings of a single cell are like a world within a world, a delicate ballet that our bodies manage to duplicate millions, billions of times over without even a thought from us.

I'm fairly certain I would worship science and nature. I would see them as gods of their own, reasons for everything. Most of you who know me know I'm not much of a tree hugger ... but that's only because I know that this world is also subjected to the fall of man. Death wasn't just the penalty for Adam and Eve but for all of creation with them. We should be good stewards but I know we can't save the planet anymore than we can effect world peace.

But I was raised knowing that God created all these things I found so fascinating. And so I worship Him when I observe them. A hike through the woods alone is like a walk with God in the garden, or at least as close as I can imagine. Looking through a microscope at the order ... the intricacy ... the art of the things around us brings me to my knees before Him.

And I am thankful. Because I know worshiping nature would lead to worshiping self. Look how wonderful I am. Look at these instincts I can rely on. My DNA made me who I am and I free myself to be that.

But I know that is the way that leads to death. Live and let live ... I'll be me and you be you ... it sounds so altruistic, so tolerant. It is what the world around us clamors for every day.

We cannot put God in a box and tell Him how we want Him to be. We can't blame Him for the nature within us that is at war with His Law. His Law is greater than the laws of nature. He gave us a soul and when we ignore that and live by the flesh we are against Him.

He isn't a cruel God. He has given us a way out, a Helper. He wants to help us overcome all of our brokenness, if only we will recognize that us and everything around us is broken. Bad things don't happen because God is indifferent ... they happen because sin smashed into our world and wrecked a perfect design which is now only a dying echo of what He made. God is good because He has a rescue plan. We, and this world, WILL be whole again. Trust Him.