What Shelby Said Wednesday - Ya Big Baby ... Pilgrim

Once again, Victoria is taking over today!

Tori loves babies, and she loves to hug things ... babies, videos of lions, the Bible when there is a picture of a baby, her momma when she can sense I'm upset about something.

So last Wednesday we went out for a friend's graduation celebration to a restaurant. Victoria had been playing on the playground and came to sit with me and grab a bite to eat.

Suddenly she looked over my shoulder.

Victoria: Eees that? (What is that?)

Mommy: That's John Wayne (*it was one of those life-sized cardboard stand-ups of The Duke).

Victoria: Big baby!

Mommy: Most people consider John Wayne to be very tough, I'm not sure he'd appreciate being called a big baby!

Victoria: I hug?

Maybe John Wayne was just a big baby who needed a hug. It was of the most typical picture you see of him, probably what you pictured when you first read his name. The look on his face is a bit sour.