What Shelby Said Wednesday - Pillows

Shelby is a little bit preoccupied with pillows lately - I'm not really sure why.

A few days ago we had this conversation:

Mommy: Good morning Victoria! How did you sleep?

Victoria: Good.

Mommy: Oh good, I was afraid you had a rough night!

Shelby: Her have a bad dream. I had a GOOD dream! 

Mommy: Oh you did!? What was it about?

Shelby: About pillows. Going in the folder.

Which just further confirms that she might have gotten a little bit of OCD. Having a folder for your pillows is pretty organized!

This weekend, Tim and I had a little overnight get away (courtesy of GiGi and Dude keeping the girls!) to celebrate our 5th anniversary. I was telling Shelby we went on a date and then we stayed in a hotel.

Shelby: A HOTEL!? Were there PILLOWS?

Mommy: Yes there were pillows! It was like a bedroom in a house. There was also a big bathtub with things that put bubbles in the water [how would you explain a Jaccuzi tub to a 3 year old??].

Shelby: Soap?

She said it with such a "DUH Mom, how could you forget?" tone that Tim thought she said "So?"