What Shelby Said Wednesday - Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner

This week it was Tori that made me think of the times this happens, but both girls have been guilty of this. Possibly we ALL have.

Mommy: What kind of cereal do you want?

Girls: Cereal.

Not really very helpful. The same day, lunch was similar.

Mommy: What would you like for lunch?

Girls: Lunch.

Well, that narrows it down.

Mommy: What do you want for dinner?

Shelby: French fries!
Victoria: Inch fries!

We actually don't really eat all that many french fries, but of course when we do the girls are all about it. We've been blessed with two pretty good eaters ... Tori had been kinda "meh" on vegetables for a long time, but lately she really likes them (especially off someone else's plate).

One of my favorite "tricks" is to make a funny face out of their food. It really doesn't take a lot of prep, I just arrange the food in a fun way on the plate, maybe throw a couple of grape halves on there for eyes even if I wasn't "serving" grapes at that meal.

"Pizzadillas" (corn tortilla spread with tomato sauce and topped witch cheese, baked in the toaster oven)
Apple Slices
"Peanut butter dip" (plain yogurt, a little vanilla, a little honey, and a little peanut butter)
Tori LOVES this dip to dip things in, Shelby eats it with a spoon

Apple slices, carrot slices, Morningstar Farms "Chik-N" nuggets for eyes, and cubes of cheese for teeth

PB & J sandwiches on sandwich flats (easier for them to fit in their mouth than traditional sliced bread), grape eyes, stack of cucumbers nose, and banana mouth. They ate everything but the banana and Shelby said: I only like bananas at night.