Start Your Week in the Word - Monday: Goodness


Perhaps this is more what you expected, as did I, last week until God revealed more about what the kindness in Galations really means. Goodness.

Goodness in Galations is listed as a fruit of the Spirit, in Ephesians it is listed as fruit of the light. This kind of goodness is from the Lord ... the Holy Spirit ... the Father of Lights.

Think of someone you know, Christian or not, who does good. Hopefully your life has been blessed in such a way that you can think of more than one. Then see what Jesus has to say:

Then realize that the Bible says only One is good. The Psalms exalt in worshipful prose repeatedly the that Lord is good. Anything good, even if seemingly from an earth-bound source, is ultimately from the Lord. He can use the Christian and the Buddhist, the atheist and the polytheist alike to bring good to those for whom it serves His purposes. His good purposes.

Nothing that is good is from us. For the believer this may be old news, but that is a little hard to swallow when you want a pat on the back, recognition, or even just karma for having done something good. We cannot produce good.

Yet the Bible admonishes us to do good. Hence the gift of a Helper, the Holy Spirit. We can bear good fruit, good works, when we allow the Holy Spirit to move through us. The only way we can do good is to be allied with the Spirit and be about the Lord's work.