Freestyle Friday - I Had to Go All the Way to Boston

Popular culture reflects our slide away from the values our country was founded on. Yes, yes ... I'm an educated woman I know there are arguments against what our country was founded on. I'm not here to dispute facts. While in hindsight I think it is unfortunate that wasn't made more clear in the Constitution, I believe looking back at the CONTEXT of the Constitution makes it quite clear.

Perhaps some of them were simply following what their parents had done. I understand the need many of us (unfortunately probably both of my children) were born with to buck the "system." To find out for ourselves what we believe.

But I beg you; do yourself and everyone who loves you a favor. FIND OUT FOR YOURSELF. I think too many people are managing to pass through this right of passage and come out on the other side with no beliefs whatsoever; or simply the belief in self. I can do anything. I make the rules. I decide what God is like, or if He even exists.

Do yourself a big favor and really explore. Throwing everything you know out just to let the space fill in with yourself is narcissism. Instead of throwing things out, explore if you really believe them or now.

"I had to go all the way to Boston to figure something out ..."

I'm not the one who originally said it, but I could have. I grew tired of the "establishment" and I took off on my own. I went somewhere that I didn't know anyone. And I learned (not just because I was in grad school).

I learned that people are basically the same everywhere you go. They may have different accents and customs and they may pronounce things in a way that seems their only goal is to make outsiders stand out ... but deep down we're all human.

I learned that I need God, that I grow apart from Him when my nose is out of my Bible, and that He is faithful even when I'm not. I learned I need His people even though they're just as flawed and frustrating as the rest of us.

I learned that Texas is a darn great state and my anscestors actually knew what they were doing when they chose to live and stay here. And by the grace of God I got to come back. 

I learned that snow is a lot more fun when it doesn't stick around for months at a time, grey and slushy with dirt, rivers of ice cold water lurking beneath from the runoff of salted sidewalks.

I had to go all the way to Boston figure some things out. But I got to move back to Texas to fall in love and start a family.