What Shelby Said Wednesday - What Victoria Said - Shelbuh

This week I'm memorializing one of Victoria's words. Shelbuh.

It sounds like a pet name for big sister Shelby, right?

I assure you it is not. It is what she calls bugs. Especially spiders.

And she is absolutely terrified of them. My fearless-one is completely sent into near-hysterics by tiny insects and arachnids. Tim says it is because she takes after me ...

Last week we were going somewhere in the car, in the rain, and I hear from the backseat:

Victoria: HEY! Hey hey hey! SHELBUH! Shelbuh inside! A shelbuh THERE!

Me: There's a spider in the car??

Victoria: Uh huh. It inside.

Shelby: It's outside.

Victoria: Shelbuh inside!!

Shelby: It's just a spider.

I could practically hear the eye-rolling.

I don't have a video of that particular incident, but it happens often enough with the bugs being out for spring I've caught a few others. Enjoy ... these two are a hoot.