What Shelby Said Wednesday - GiGi's Scissors

You may or may not have noticed that Victoria has the cutest little pixie cut. She's just now getting to where she was in October, with the little highlighted flyaways that get in her eyes and aren't quite long enough for the clips she just won't leave in.

There is actually a story there. We were visiting GiGi and Dude and planning to go trick or treating as the Incredibles (with White Bear filling in for JackJack). We had put the girls down for a nap. Victoria was in GiGi's craft room, and Shelby was in the adjoining room. Something of a mother-in-law suite if you will.

They had been making a good bit of noise. Tori was playing with the locked doorknob from her pack n play ... So I scooted it thinking that'd be one less distraction for Shelby.

Pre-nap Victoria that day
After more goodnights it got quiet, and eventually I decided it was safe to check and see if they had finally fallen asleep.

The pull-out sofa where Shelby was supposed to be sleeping was empty ... the previously locked craft room door was ajar ... and inside, in her pack n play, sat Victoria ... surrounded by blond curls and the cover from some craft scissors.

I scooped her up in a panic. In my mind Shelby is hurt and bald somewhere. Rushing into the living room I utter a plea for help. My racing mind doesn't yet register the stares at Tori.

Shelby is eventually found, hair in surprisingly even layers with the offending craft tools and a shredded nightgown, under the sofa bed. At some point I had reached up to touch the side of sweet Victoria's head and felt the prickle of freshly shorn locks.

In addition to own hair, Shelby had given half of Tori's fuzzy little head quite a close cut. Dude and Daddy evened it up the best they could and for months now Victoria has been receiving compliments on her hair.

Shelby, meanwhile, has been well versed in what scissors are for (mostly). She's all about why lately, and this is a recent telling of the story ... the way Shelby said it:

Shelby: Why does Tori have short hair?
Mommy: Why do you think she has short hair?
Shelby: Maybe it got cut.
Mommy: How do you think that happened?
Shelby: GiGi scissors cut it cause she not sleepy.
Mommy: But who was using the scissors?
Shelby: They do it by themself!