Start Your Week in the Word - Monday - I Am Me

Last week Tim and I started a Bible study together ... Beth Moore's study on Daniel.

I've always really just thought of Daniel and the lion's den - but there is so much more to the story than that. I'm looking forward to knowing more though I'm already intimidated by the conviction that is likely to come.

But isn't that why we get in the Word in the first place?

In the very first session, she brought up a verse I had heard before but had no context for.

I have always attributed this quote to God Himself. Of course there is no other God besides Him. But it is actually part of a larger statement to Babylon - that ancient empire to which Israel, including Daniel, was taken captive.

In context, the verse is actually speaking to Babylon and saying she has told herself "I am, and there is no one besides me."

We live in a modern Babylon where almost every advertisement is all about you. If you don't believe it, go into the mall on a Saturday. Sure, in the end they just want your money, but what better way to take it that to convince you it is just so YOU. Look at the labels we've given things. DESERVE. CRAVE. PERFECT.

Look at how we as humans treat one another. Ignore the person serving you ... hurry up so you can go on to the next thing ... take your rightful place and make sure someone else doesn't get it ... 

I am not saying Christians shouldn't shop at the mall, but we've got to be aware of the world around us and what it is telling us. And it is our responsibility to counter that with truth so that we don't fall into telling ourselves it really is all about me.

There is one God ... And I ain't Him. He knows what is perfect for my life and will draw me closer to His perfection ... not an item of clothing. In the hustle and hurry of modern life, perhaps practicing putting others first is the first line of defense in misplacing ourselves on His throne.

So go shopping on a Saturday ... but keep in mind that it is not all about you and let His light shine when you don't treat others like you think it is.