Freestyle Friday - If I Knew She'd Be President

A few days ago, Shelby said that she had a meeting in Jamaica (she has a world map placemat and it has come up). And then she needed to be at the white house. I asked if she meant a house that was white, or THE White House ... where the President of the United States of American lives? She meant that one.

It made me think ... what if she is the future president? Every president we have had was once someone's child. What would you do, if you knew now, your child were assuredly destined to be the President of the United States?

What values would I most want to be certain my children esteemed?

Which subjects and topics would I feel they needed to be well versed in? Which would seem a little less important?

We say children are the future, and I know in our hearts we believe that. What if we started acting like it? What if we really distilled down our knowledge and beliefs to the things we most wanted them to carry out of childhood and into the White House?

Last week my sister-in-law shared a Huffington Post article begging other parents, schools, and the like to bring the holidays down a notch. Now I'm not suggesting we not let our kids be kids, but maybe determining what mischief to get their shelf elf into would suddenly be less stressful if we thought of it in this perspective.

Maybe we'd be quicker to use frustrations and disappointments as life lessons. Fellow parents ... this is NOT meant to be a guilt trip. I know we try to do this things. I'm simply suggesting that perhaps if we pictured our children as future presidents, ambassadors, CEOs, and doctors without borders ... it might make it a little easier to keep things in perspective and thresh out what is really important.

Will this matter when she's the president?

Will she even remember this when she's the president? Will someone else?

How would I hope she will treat this group of people when she is the president?

How would I hope to hear her express herself as the president?

Kinda makes what they do or don't eat at dinner, or if they got the most out of a holiday, a bit less stressful. And emphasizes the importance of the important things. What if she is on the campaign trail and can't or won't utter even one scripture quoted from the Jesus we hope she claims is her Savior?


  1. What a great way to look at things! I think it's so wonderful to see our children as they can become and teach them accordingly.


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