Freestyle Friday - Husband Material

Imagery. Our culture is filled with false imagery. Buy this and look like that. Wear that to enhance this. Dress like him to be a rock star.

For those that don't know me well it might come as a surprise that I use to have a bit of a clothing addiction. At one point in time I had more clothes in my closet than most fashion savvy ladies I knew. 


Well, there were several reasons but one reason was that I was attempting to clothe myself in an image I wanted others to believe me to be. Secure, confident, popular, up on the latest trends. Money, power, pride, significance. And for me, new clothes gave me those things, for a moment. It never lasted, the newness wore off, the impression the clothes made soon gave way to the reality of who I really was. My bank account and credit card couldn't keep up and eventually all of those clothes, all of that which I had used to build an image of who I wanted to be, found it's way onto numerous racks at Goodwill.

My wife sometimes wonders why I wear the same colored (or similarly colored) shirts and one style of jeans nowadays. I tell her it is because I don't want to have to think about what to wear, and it's true, I don't. But honestly it goes much deeper than that. I need to remind myself of where I have been and the Grace that has been given to me through Jesus Christ. Is it a sin to have nice clothes? No. Is it a sin to want to look your best? No. But for me, my focus was on myself, my own selfish gain and I was becoming my own god. That is sin. And every day when I put on the same clothes, He reminds me of who I truly am, my true identity and image. He knows and now I know, that I can't handle a closet full of the newest trends and styles.

Johnny Cash had a song, Man in Black. The reason he wore black he explains in the song, is to represent the poor and beaten down, though others offer different explanations and speculation as to the meaning of his attire choice. I can't help but wonder if he suffered from some of the same imagery gods.

Husband Material. The only image you should be living up to is the one Jesus Christ bought for you and the one God created you in. Genesis 1:27NIV