Freestyle Friday - Husband Material -

Husband Material.

As a noun, material is defined as the substance or substances of which a thing is made or composed. As an adjective, it denotes or consists of physical objects rather than mind or spirit. So what is husband material? I guess it is the substance or substances by which a husband is made of. 

Amanda and I love to backpack and explore. To get away from the busyness of our over-stimulated,indulgent,demanding culture and be amongst the first things God created. Water, dirt, rock, wood. He created Adam, the first man and husband, from dirt (Genesis 2:7). Does that sound like husband material? No. I assure you, my girls are not dreaming of a future husband (aka Prince-whomever) and wishing he was composed of dirt. 

Anyways, back to backpacking. Several years ago, we took a trip to the BWCA in northern Minnesota. In preparation for that trip I did a vast amount of research on packs. Hiking packs, canoe packs, day packs, expedition packs, hip packs, packs for food, packs for supplies, packs with frames, frame-less packs. Packs packs packs. To make it even more nauseating, there are many different types of material(s) which a pack can be made of. Each has it’s own selling point as well as it’s downfall. Some can withstand being submerged in a (real) lake for hours and hours and pop out nearly dry, but you better not set it on that rock or fallen tree or you’ll poke a hole in the bottom. Others can be drug, thrown, trampled and cut yet still maintain it’s function as a pack, but don’t get it wet and don’t set it near the campfire. 

Having the right material for a pack, I would say, is just as important as the function of the pack itself. What good does a pack with individualized compartments for each cooking utensil do if they fall out because you overstuffed it and ripped the seams? Or better yet, you are 5 days in on a 10 day journey and you discover the material isn’t what you thought it would be, it hasn’t held up to it’s grandiose promises and guarantees. What then?

Such is the material husbands are made of, so come along as I explore the substance of husbands in my cameo appearances on Freestyle Fridays. 

Oh, and we chose canvas.