As a Deer Pants - Thirsty Thursday - Let Nature Sing

Last week our area was pummeled by storms.

One morning after our workout I glanced outside. Instead of the "usual" sunrise, it was the kind of sunrise reminiscent of the saying "red in the morning, sailor takes warning."

The sky was on fire in the East, a fast moving storm churning in the sky and quickly overtaking the morning. I had just charged my Nikon the night before, so for probably the first time I ran outside with it instead of my iPhone.

I was overtaken.

The wind was beginning to rush. Small frogs were flinging themselves as if in a panic onto our porches. If you have never seen a tree fall, you might not have felt your heart race as I did when the wind almost seemed to take a deep breath ...

And the trees surrounding our pond bowed low. Their leaves crashed together in a cacophony of sound. Suddenly I understood what it meant for them to clap their hands. Previously I had pictured something straight out of Tolkien but this was different. They weren't given movement of their own, God was moving them.

Yet even in the midst of this display of raw power, of God's breath not sighing but blowing on the earth, his creation bent but did not break. I was covered in goosebumps but it wasn't from the chill in the wind or the plinking rain beginning to strike even under the cover of the porch.

Thunder rumbled and the grasses lay themselves low to the ground and my heart and soul cried YES. He is God and He made all these things and IT. IS. GOOD.

Lord let me not be silent! But I praise you for letting me see creation under Your hands. Give me breath and fire to praise You, let me not be silent! Give me the flexibility to bend under Your will so that I will not be broken.