As a Deer Pants - Thirsty Thursday - Endure

We weren't reading this verse this weekend, but I saw it out of the corner of my eye Sunday during sermon and was struck with it.

It seems an appropriate reminder in an election year. After the dust settles and we've fulfilled the privilege of voting that we are blessed with here in the United States of America, we are to submit to the winner. As long as their law doesn't clash with that of the Lord, He calls us to submit. But there's more ...

Slavery may be abolished, but most of us have bosses or other authority figures in our lives. Here we are clearly, CLEARLY called to be respectful. Even when our earthly masters are cruel, or unfair, or unreasonable. Ugh. What? Are you kidding me? My boss who calls me at home on the weekend in the middle of my child's birthday party? I have to respect him? The police officer who is obnoxious to me about three miles over, even though my speedometer is off and I didn't realize I was speeding? I can't be snarky right back? I shouldn't make derisive comments about the President's latest speech?

But wait, there's more ...

My dears, the world is watching. When you have every right to be angry and lash out and choose, in God's power, not to ... the world is watching. The lost are watching. You are showing Jesus, blameless and crucified, to those whose faith like a bird flutters restlessly. You are making Him real.

What could empower someone innocent to endure unfair and unjustified consequences ... not only endure but with patience and grace otherworldly. My dears lift your eyes to the heavens. Your Father sees your suffering. We don't need to be justified here on earth. Our kingdom is in heaven and this life will flutter away like a blade of grass. Here in the spring it seems fresh and new but come August it will be blowing colorless on the wind.

You are free from the temporary discomfort of this world. When we align our hearts and minds with God we can endure painful trials with patience, grace, and a smile almost as if in a trance. Don't set your mind on the unfairness of it all but on the graciousness of God and it comes easier. 

So stop grumbling. Do your part but do it without complaining. Even when the world says you have every right. Jesus endured the cross for you ... let that be enough and let your life mirror Him to those around you ... we are the embodiment of His life for our generation.