What Shelby Said Wednesday - Little Momma

Having been an older sister myself, I always expected some "mothering" out of Shelby. Especially since she has to be one of the most nurturing little girls I have been around. She steals Victoria's baby doll and names it Julia (after one of her friends) and says "Julia needs me to take care of her! Tori left her all alone!"

What I didn't expect are the sweet ways that Shelby mothers Victoria. They most often happen when she thinks I can't hear them.

The other day I found her helping Tori out of her pajamas and into some clothes for the day. She had picked Tori's clothes out and laid them out on the floor.

Sometimes I hear her teaching Victoria about things she already knows about. How to behave. Things that will get you a spankin. Reading books to her. Attempting to comfort her when she's upset. Trying to talk her into doing her part picking up.

Then sometimes she's back to crying at the table because Victoria told her no. They are sisters, after all. But I love their complex sisterhood. I didn't have a sister growing up and I love my brothers but it is so fun to watch this unfamiliar relationship play out. Especially when they are sweetly in sync with one another.