What Shelby Said Wednesday - A Convincing Description

The other day I was eating some grapefruit at breakfast and Shelby wanted some.

Our girls are SO wonderful about sharing, even with each other. Shelby wanted to share her grapefruit with Victoria. Shelby will eat spinach and salad raw with nothing on it for the novelty of eating leaves. Victoria is our resident carboholic. Sometimes meat. Vegetables apparently are poison. Wipe your tongue poison. Unless they're in a smoothie.

Victoria refused the proffered fruit, and Shelby attempted to entice her.

"Victoria its so nummy. It's soft, and juicy. It's not a lemon. It's healthy. Come on Tori, try it you'll like it."

Victoria? NO. NO NO NO NO NO. Shaking of the head. Pushing away with the hands.

She eventually tried a piece of mine. I don't know what made mine different. She ate it, but she didn't seem interested in more. Good for you for trying something new sweet Tori!

And Shelby - you will never cease to amaze me. But please don't become a politician. Unless that's just really what God wants you to do. Or a lawyer. Maybe I need to start playing the lottery.


  1. that is just so sweet! how lucky to have such wonderful kiddos!

  2. That's adorable- kids say the cutest things! Sounds like she is a great sister!


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