Transformation Tuesday - Why I Workout

Work. Sweat. Struggle. Lift. Hold. Repeat. Breathe.

Most of us don't particularly like doing these things!

Ladies don't sweat! Women don't lift! We live in a world of convenience. The very lap of luxury. If I don't want to vacuum on a regular basis, there is a little robot that will do it for me.

NOT that that is wrong - I very much would like to have one of those little robots! But because we've enabled ourselves to be more sedentary ... to reach our full potential we're going to need to make up for that work.

Back in the day, our bodies knew we needed them. Food could only be stored for so long. Sustenance had to be found. Work had to be done. Sweat was as inevitable as the sun in summer. Our bodies were created for such conditions and they've not much adapted to the way we have adjusted our personal ecosystems to our specific comforts.

My dad has a book called "Younger Next Year" and as I get "older" I'm often inspired by it. The author's premise is that our bodies stop feeling the demand that we need them and basically begin to shut down. Instead of living a full life, we often make ourselves so comfortable that we live out a prolonged death.

He also mentions that God knows how long we will live. Our number of days has been set. While we may not be in control of how many years we receive here on this planet, we can choose what we do with them. Will they be quality? Will we steward our health? Or reach our set time miserable?

I want my time here to be of good quality. I don't want my good works and my fellowship with others to be limited by health I let slip through my fingers because I don't like to sweat.

I'm going to start a series of Instagram and Facebook posts about all the reasons WHY I workout. Because I don't like sweating! I don't enjoy jumping around like a fool. But there is so much more to it than that!