Transformation Tuesday - The Master's Hammer & Chisel

The past 60 days has gone by so very quickly! It definitely has not be boring.

On January 4th I started the program I got when I signed up to be a coach: The Master's Hammer (Sagi Kalev) and Chisel (Autumn Calabrese).

I had already lost a good bit of weight (16 pounds or so) doing 2+ rounds of 21 Day Fix, so I was already familiar with Autumn. I stuck more to the eating plan of 21 Day Fix (slightly looser, allows for a few substitutions) but the calculations took me down a calorie bracket and I lost a purple (fruit), a green (veggies, oh darn), a yellow (CARBS! Sad day!), and two teaspoons.

I'm not going to lie ... the teaspoons are actually pretty hard for me to fit in. I've yo-yo dieted so much, and most of them generally discouraged fats (even as they told you to make sure you include plenty of healthy fats).

Despite the fact that I clearly put on a good bit of muscle, I kept on loosing fat AND weight (albeit at a slower rate of about 1 pound a week, but this is a lifestyle not a diet so I don't mind because it is NOT COMING BACK). I lost 11 pounds just while doing Hammer and Chisel! KEEP RECORDS because I was afraid I wasn't losing!

Even though the program was for 60 days, the schedule kept me from every being bored. Is it a bit intimidating? You bet. Tim was onboard to do it with me till he saw me one morning. I don't know that I'd recommend it to someone who hasn't been working out at all. I had been walking before, but I'm very glad I did a few rounds of 21 Day Fix first!

HOWEVER, it is excellent. Sagi and Autumn are very different, but their safety instructions and muscle focusing descriptions are excellent. I've become so much more aware of the individual muscles in my body! I know how they feel, I know what they can do, and I know they are STRONG. And not strong for show ... practical strength. Protect your back, lift children, fling groceries, and knock your 5'10" fit husband off a culvert while keeping your balance practical.

I was shocked when I realized how much weight I had still lost. I know some have been saying it doesn't work your abs and makes you gain weight but that was not my experience. And I think this picture illustrates best what it did for my midsection:

Sagi was very different after two months of only Autumn, but he grew on me. Definitely a far cry from Crossfit and Krav Maga instructors I've trained under. 

So my two cents, if you aren't really a fitness person but wish you were ... this is an excellent program! If you are bored with your current routine, I highly doubt you've ever done anything quite like this. Power lifting, plyometrics, isometrics, cardio where you won't even realize you're doing cardio until you suddenly notice you're sweating profusely and breathing heavily.

Tim and I are going to do a round of 21 Day Fix together to see if we can work out at the same time (I really think we can make it work) but I know I'll be back on this one again!


  1. You look amazing! What a great transformation!!!


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