Transformation Tuesday - Fool Your Tongue, Fuel Your Body

I'm going to admit something embarrassing. Almost as embarrassing as my sad addiction to candy corn. Granted, both of these problems probably have something to do with the fact that I'm hypoglycemic. My dad had a coworker who would say that "Sugar calls for more sugar" and that is especially true for me. If I eat sugar, my blood sugar spikes then plummets and guess what I want? More sugar.

One of the things I've loved about the 21 Day Fix clean eating is that eliminating processed sugars has also eliminated the obsessive, addictive "gotta have it" and "gotta have more" feelings. Though I'll warn you as my friend tried to ... if you eat sugar after you have detoxed, that feeling comes howling back. Very few things are worth that (though recovering from a cheat is a lot easier than going back to the beginning of a detoxifying your body from the effects of processed sugar).

Ok, I'm avoiding the promised confession. More than once, I have eaten frosting from the container. STORE. BOUGHT. FROSTING. With a spoon. Straight out of the container. I even did it on a counting diet once and counted it. That makes it ok right?

What did I feel like afterwards? Every. Single. Time. (You'd think I'd learn right?). Cranky. Sluggish. Guilty. Tired. Gross. Guilty. Disgusted. Hungover. Yes, sugar makes me feel like I'm having some kind of hangover, complete with a headache. Then my stomach has the audacity to get hungry again and here I've wasted a meal's worth (or more) of energy on a low-volume, low-satisfaction, short-term, and low-nutrient indulgence.

I've recently discovered (quite by accident) a snack that feels almost like eating icing out of the tub ... Something sweet with a creamy texture that just hits some spot in the pleasure center of my brain. Without guilt. The trade-off? A one and a half red containers (proteins) and a purple container (fruit). Really. No carbs involved.

What do I feel like afterwards? Satisfied. Triumphant. Energized.

Sometimes you just have to trick your mind (or perhaps what is happening is finding out what you brain really wanted). GET TO THE RECIPE woman!

One red container plain Greek yogurt
Half a serving of vanilla protein powder [I haven't tried other flavors yet!]
A few drops vanilla
A few drops Stevia
Frozen fruit (frozen blackberries are especially delicious in this!)

I stir the yogurt, protein powder, vanilla, and Stevia until really well mixed. Then I pour in the frozen fruit and stir to cover the fruit and let it sit for a minute or so. The frozen fruit freezes the yogurt mixture around it, which has also been thickened by the protein powder.

Enjoy with a spoon. It feels to the tongue like eating icing right out of the container. Actually, better because there is no waxy, unnatural coating.

Ya know, maybe you could even ice a cake ... or Shakeology pancakes ... or something with it?

Fool your tongue (and sweet tooth) but fuel your body instead of destroying it! This isn't a diet, it's a lifestyle.