Start Your Week in the Word - Monday

Sometimes, the ways of the Lord are difficult for us to understand. Either we aren't listening to Him, or He doesn't mean for us to understand yet.

I've learned to continue in faith even when I don't understand. The Israelites had all the prophecies about Jesus ... yet they failed to recognize Him, in part so we Gentiles have access to God.

I don't want to be so wrapped up in trying to understand that I miss something right before me. And I don't want to spend my time trying to understand something that I'm not meant to understand yet. I trust in God's timing and believe He will reveal everything in His perfect time. 

When I looked at persons in the Bible who understood ... even the authors of the wisdom in Proverbs admitted they didn't understand everything. Sometimes the knowledge of God is too wonderful for our finite human minds to grasp yet. Which makes Him all the more worthy of our worship and obedience.

However, it is possible to lack understanding because we are not seeking it. Perhaps we are afraid of what the answer may be. I know I have avoided certain studies in the past because I didn't really want a deeper understanding of the particular part of scripture. James was like that. I knew He was a lover of the Law and there were times in my life that I was not interested (and perhaps not ready) to hear about the Law. So I didn't ask.

Can you imagine? Being at the feet of Jesus, not understanding, and being too afraid to ask? As much as I like to think I would have hung on every word and have begged for an explanation of anything I felt I didn't grasp ... I imagine I would have been much like them. Unsure. Perhaps not fully convinced.

Here I sit, after the resurrection. After Jesus conquered death in three days time. What a glorious place to be when His own disciples who walked the earth with Him didn't understand.

Perhaps to someone without faith it sounds like a cop-out to say that when I don't understand, I simply trust that I don't have the whole picture yet. But I know that God who is in all times and all places and Lord of ALL knows the big picture and is orchestrating it to an outcome that is glorifying to Him ... I can rely on Him for my best. Even if I don't understand.

Lord, please teach me to understand the things I do not but should. Give me patience and prepare my heart for the things I will understand but not yet. And build my faith to wait for the things that I won't understand until I can bear to see Your face which is too wonderful for me.