Start Your Week in the Word - Monday - Faith

What is faith?

As a Christian I grew up hearing this word and we often use it to describe our belief, as do plenty of other religions. Alone it is actually a fairly hollow word which in conversation may even imply "Well I'm not an atheist but I'm not comfortable discussing my beliefs right now so let's just leave it at that ok?"

Let's not leave it at that. The dictionary calls faith "complete trust or confidence in someone or something." What a definition ... so vague and yet it implies we are all in.

Trust as I might, I'll admit I am not always "all in" in my own faith. Anytime I disobey or try to do things my own way I am taking back some of that trust and confidence. Rarely, if ever, would anyone describe my faith as complete. It is hard to get past this tangible world at times that fills our senses and our days.

But true faith is so much more than a label. It isn't just something we simply declare about ourselves. It changes us from the inside out.

If we really come face to face with our sin and know it for what it is ... a transgression against an almighty, Holy God who cannot tolerate, overlook, or otherwise excuse its presence on us ... and if we deeply believe in our hearts that He in His unfathomable goodness made a way for us through Jesus ... won't that change us?

Instead of feeling defeated by enumerable foes we can cry "Triumph!" "Victory!" We will want others to know what we have found! Instead of looking out for number one, we are released in full confidence to look out for everyone else. "How can I help myself" will become "how can I help you?"

We aren't saved by our service ... but wouldn't the fact that we're saved by something so childlike as simply believing make us want to serve? When we realize how ugly our sin is, won't we want to stop? When we realize how Good God is, how merciful, won't we want to worship Him?

If we think we simply call it faith and go about our business ... do we really understand what He has done? Have we watered down the gospel to a footnote in our "about me"? It isn't about me! It isn't about you! This is EVERYTHING. If you claim to have faith and it is anything less, even the dictionary doesn't call it faith.

I'm not here to condemn or to talk you into a downward spiral of self examination. But if your faith hasn't changed you I dare you to dig into it. Why hasn't it changed you? What is it you believe?