Start Your Week in the Word - Monday - Easter Eggs

I love Easter. And it isn't even about the chocolate. I love coming into spring with a fresh reminder of exactly why I am able to have a relationship with God. Why we sing Jesus loves you to the girls. Why we have every reason to celebrate.

With the heavy responsibility of teaching these truths - why we believe what we do and why it matters, I often find myself overwhelmed, Pinterest style, with the simple, creative, and even catastrophic ways I could share the Gospel with my own little ones.

Obviously the best way, the most lasting, most convincing, is for them to see me live it out. But sometimes God hands me little lessons ... neatly wrapped little gifts. Like eggs.

Last Thursday Shelby and I made a handful of dyed eggs. I didn't plan to hide them in the yard or anything ... it was actually a last second thought as I had decided to hard boil some eggs. I was making them with gel food coloring, so the sky was the limit. I asked Shelby what color she wanted to make.


Dear, the eggs already are white - don't you want to make a special color for Easter?


Oh my.

So I decided to go for a rainbow of colors. As I mixed red and blue for purple, I noticed it was rather dark. So I added more blue and ... wallah! Black Easter egg. The day before Black Friday. How appropriate!

Shelby wanted to eat the black egg for lunch, and an object lesson hit me as I stood by the trashcan with the cracked egg. Thank you Lord, for this gift. We may have to make it a tradition.

I showed Shelby how the egg was black. I said that sin in our lives was like that blackness. I showed her our rainbow of colors and explained how light ... white ... is ALL the colors, and black is no light. Jesus is called the light of the world. So without Jesus, there is blackness.

As I peeled the egg I told her that we celebrate Easter because Jesus died so He could overcome our sin. Then He makes us white as snow ... or white as this hard boiled egg is as the black shell goes away. I pointed out that the egg wasn't perfectly white ... Jesus can do SO much more for us because He makes us perfectly white. I was just throwing the black shell in the trash, but Jesus takes our sin and throws it as FAR as the East is from the West.

I put the egg down and took her outside. The East is where the sun rises. Over there. Past the trees. Past the EARTH. Then I pointed the opposite way. The West is where the sun sets later. Past the trees. Even past the sunset. That's how far our sin goes when Jesus throws it.

Shelby is three. I'm not sure how much of it sunk it. But I was teared up over the numerous, countless ways nature can show us just how much He loves us. And He proved it Easter morning.