Freestyle Friday - The Time is ... Now

I try not to use my blog as a place to complain ... but I hate the time change.

Even though I stay at home, we still have a routine and this little bump throws everything off. We all feel out-of-sorts and a little grouchy. I mean, it's just an hour!

But it seems we're in an almost constant state of surprise for a while after the time change.

Surprise! It's time to get up!

Surprise! You need to eat even though you're not hungry because we still have to be somewhere at 9:30am!

Surprise! It's lunch already!

Surprise! It's nap time!

Surprise! Nap time is over!

Surprise! You should have been in bed an hour ago, sucka!

Once I told a teacher in high school I didn't believe in time. It was the class right after lunch, and I was tardy. I mumbled something about not knowing what time it was, and the teacher suggested I get a watch.

My sassy teenage self told her I don't believe in time. Somehow I ended up with neither a tardy nor a detention. The fact is, I really don't. Me moving the hands on the clock doesn't change the sun's path over the earth.

Saying that there is a clock somewhere in the world that has the official time doesn't mean squat. It's like me rummaging through my baking drawer and saying my measuring cup makes flour exist. It's really just a fancy ruler. It is something to mark and measure our days.

It does make it easier to meet up with a friend or have an appointment, I'll give it that.

Nothing can hold back time or speed it forward. It sounds cliche, but it is true that the only time that truly matters is now. They even sell a watch that simply says "Now."

It seems very hipster to me; wearing a watch that just says "now." Look at that! It is now right NOW. Where are your children now? What are you doing now? If this was your last now, what would you do with it?

Maybe that's why God doesn't tell us our last day. He doesn't tell us when Jesus will come back. JESUS Himself doesn't even know when He will be coming back. I wonder if that's what God will say, when it is time ...



  1. Love the idea of the watch that says Now. So funny! And I hear ya; the time change always messes me up too, but I do like the sun setting later.


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