As a Deer Pants - Thirsty Thursday - Death

Tomorrow is Good Friday, and that has me thinking about death. Easter is about life ... the Life Jesus has to offer us ... but He had to conquer death to do that for us.

What exactly does that mean?

The day we call Good Friday was the day appointed for Jesus to face off with death. The ultimate price of sin. Jesus knew what was coming. He warned His disciples but they didn't understand. Even that day they didn't understand His warnings and forgot His promises that He would return.

The earth shook and the sky was dark. All of creation cried out when the Son of God met death. When He was separated from God in order that we might be reunited.

But Jesus isn't just a martyr. A life spent to inspire others into action. He did so much more. He met death. His heart wrenched to a stop. His blood separated. This was no coma.

The Bible doesn't detail exactly what happened in those three days. But Jesus squared off with death and came back with the keys to hell itself. The Bible may not tell us the details but it does tell us He had the victory.

That which would eagerly swallow us up in our frailty lost. God didn't callously abandon us. He sent His son to die so that He could face off with death and claim victory on our behalf.

Death isn't just what comes after life. It is how we pay for our life unless we accept that Jesus paid for us. To reject that gift is to spurn God.

But accepting that beautiful Easter morning gift opens the door to a new life. An eternal life where Jesus tells death "NO, not this one. I paid for her." He holds the keys. He can set you free. Your body may die but your soul will be the Lord's. What better place for it than with its Creator?

Friends. This isn't just some holiday that I celebrate as a Christian to welcome spring. This isn't our adaption of pagan rituals just because they are fun and we want to be included. This is everything. And it is serious.

Would you be allied with anyone other than THE One who has victory over death? Who can restore your wandering soul to where it is from?