What Shelby ... er, Victoria Said Wednesday - Tatow

OThough I'm sure Shelby had some words like these ... she self-corrected them and I no longer remember them. Well, that's not entirely true. I don't think I'll ever forget Noni; her name for every Disney princess. Ariel? Noni. Belle? Noni. Aurora? Noni. Victoria does that same thing, except her special name is Selsa. I'm sure most anyone reading this has an idea where that one came from. Elsa? Selsa. Anna? Selsa. Ariel? Selsa. Sometimes Shelby is even Selsa.

This week "What Shelby Said" is "What Tori Said" because Victoria has created this fantastic "multi-use" word.


"I wan Tatow!" accompanied by pointing to the pantry can be interpreted as "I want a cracker."

"I Tatow?" while pointing at the table (or a special drawer in our island cabinet) is a request to color. I think it actually means "Crayon" because she has been known to point at a blue (or any other color) paper-wrapped wax art tool that has rolled onto the floor and say it as well.

"A Tatow!" in response to conversations about the green, flippered reptiles in a book or on her animal alphabet placemat ...

"Tatow" with a sly little grin and a shy ducking of the head means "I can't stand it ... Tickle me again!"

I'm going to miss Tatow when it goes the way of all things toddler ... Those things 3 year olds develop amnesia to. For now .... Off to Tatow the girls while they'll still let me.