Transformation Tuesday - Quick One Bowl Frittata

Even though I stay home with the girls, breakfast can be a crazy time. I like to get in some protein and veggies at the beginning of the day though. It helps curb hunger and - let's face it, the green containers are not my favorites (though I have learned to appreciate them more).

Last week I whipped this up and I must say, I like everything about it except the use of the microwave. While I believe the microwave robs food of some of its nutrients, this is still a healthier way to get a quick breakfast than a pop-tart or throwing some cereal in a bowl as I may or may not have been known to do in the past. But microwave = quick.

Nutrient thievery aside, this is easy to clean up (you can do it in one bowl) ... you can knock out a red, a green, and 1/2 blue first thing in the morning so it is packed with nutrition ... and I found it to be surprising delicious!

"Chef Amanda" presents the Quick One Bowl Frittata.

Two eggs
1 cup veggies (my trial run was with mushrooms)
1/2 blue of cheese (I used blue cheese. Like it was blue before it was in the blue container ...)
Seasoning (in this case, Mrs. Dash Southwest Chipotle) to taste
Dehydrated onions (a shake or two)

Crack your eggs into the bowl and scramble them (I wish I had done this that first time, it was hard to scramble after everything was together in the bowl).
Add seasoning and dehydrated onions and scramble a bit more to disperse evenly.
Add cheese. Scramble again to distribute.
Add veggies and stir until they are coated.
Cover with plastic wrap (it makes a nice steamy bubble and keeps anything from getting completely nuked dry).
Microwave for ~2 minutes and check for done news by poking a fork or knife into the center. Keep adding time by 10-15 seconds until it comes out clean. (It took me 2.5 minutes total).

Enjoy! I later tried a variation with baby kale and grape tomatoes instead of mushrooms - I should have chopped it up first, but it was still quite tasty if not a little awkward. The possibilities are endless!


  1. Yummy!! This looks completely doable!"I used blue cheese. Like it was blue before it was in the blue container ..." - Hilarious!


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