Start Your Week in the Word - Monday - Wounding to Heal

Stick with me here. Explore this concept with me. My grasp on it is slippery, but I share only what I know to be true.

If there were statistics on prayer, I wonder what percentage of prayer would be for healing? Of course we pray when someone is ill or injured, but the words I'm reading about healing today are more of the spiritual sense.

Perhaps part of the reason why God allows us to be wounded in our human condition is so He can heal us. At first this seems cruel ... why wouldn't He want us to remain untouched instead?

As a parent I THINK I've started to understand this a bit better. We live in a fallen world where we all get hurt. Like God, we do our best to teach our children what will hurt them. But sometimes, unless they are about to utterly destroy themselves, we have to stop pulling them away. We remind them and we are ready to comfort them when the wretched thing happens.

I tell my daughters not to play in fire ant beds. We teach them what fire ant beds look like. We run like the wind when we see them wandering towards a mound almost as tall as they are. But at some point I stop following them around the yard yanking them away from anything that might be an ant mound.

Trust me! I don't stand and watch my sweet girls stick their hand into an ant bed. But when I stop circling like a hawk over them they eventually get bitten. I hate it! Tearful toddlers are scooped up and medicines and oils and bandaids applied with kisses and attention. And they know now what I was trying to warn them about. I pray they will be more quick to listen when I say something may hurt them because they trust I'm not just trying to keep them away from the fun piles of dirt.

God is the perfect parent. I do not mean to imply He is ever not paying attention as we wander through life towards pitfalls and sharp-toothed traps. As the omnipotent and omnipresent Father He knows which wounds will lead to our seeking Him for healing. Or that we may never seek Him for healing no matter how many consequences we wrack up ... shoving our free will through life like a leper; a trail of tattered limbs behind us that we didn't know we lost.

If we haven't been wounded we can't be healed. How often is it pain that leads to repentance? Pain and sorrow over the realization that we have wronged Him, heartsick and in need of the healing only He can provide. Or mired in the consequences of our sins and needing flat out rescue and recuperation.

Maybe ... because He allows us free will ... He allows us to be touched so that we will ask Him to touch us.

I won't pretend I understand the mystery of how God works: but I know He does; I know He is light and love and everything good and nothing evil. So I trust. And know that my wounds were not meant for nothing. And take heart in who He uses them to make me. I know my wounds have shown me His faithfulness and made me love and trust Him more.