As a Deer Pants - Thirsty Thursday - Trust

Who do you trust?

Perhaps you would list your spouse, your siblings, your best friend ... Or no one?

But in reality, all of the wonderful people God has given us in our lives have one thing in common. They are all human - fallible, sinners, weak, incapable of perfectly keeping their word all the time.

"Not me!" you may cry "The person I most trust is my rock! They are solid in the storm!" But we all have our weaknesses, our breaking point. An illness keeps us from keeping our committment to be somewhere, we forget, we hurt one another. And we forgive one another!

And we may trust one another to varying degrees. But placing our hope on a human ... a spouse, a political candidate ... or the devices of a human ... a law, an insurance policy ... is eventually going to lead to disappointments.

When Tim and I were getting more serious, we gave one another rings that say "trust in Me" in Hebrew.

בטח בי

To remind us to trust in God, not one another. We weren't high school sweethearts when we met; we had known disappointments in life and we knew we would disappoint each other.

In reality, placing our trust in God instead of one another has actually taken some of the pressure off. It is much easier to forgive when I don't expect my husband to be 100% reliable all the time, and if he fails in that to think it means he doesn't love me.

Sometimes people (Shelby and Victoria these days) have needs in the middle of the night, and sometimes I'm what we call a "sleep jerk" in the middle of the night. That meanness that comes from an incoherent, not fully awake human that they seem to have selective amnesia about the next morning. God doesn't sleep. He is never too tired to comprehend what we need and apply compassion and mercy.

2 Corinthians 1:9 even says we can't trust ourselves:
"we had the sentence of death within ourselves so that we would not trust in ourselves, but in God who raises the dead..." (NASB)

That can be difficult for strong willed, independent minded people. Bootstrap Americans, prepped for the apacolypse and self-sufficient in a growing number of ways. Being a good Boy Scout isn't wrong by any means! But in the end, trust in God. He will not fail.

"For the Lord your God is a compassionate God; He will not fail you ..." Deuteronomy 4:31a (NASB)

Our girls depend on us. I want to earn their trust - I want them to know that Mommy and Daddy will be there for them, do the best we can for them, and love them the best we are capable of. But at the end of the day I want them to know that we will fail. There are no perfect parents. Nor will they find a perfect friend, a perfect husband, and they won't be perfect women. We want to direct their hope and trust to the only one who will be called Faithful and True (Revelation 19:11). If their affirmation comes from Him all their relationships will flourish under the freedom that comes from releasing them from the bonds of misplaced trust.