Changes Coming

I'm attempting to write more often by having a bit of a schedule. Because I'm not all that tech davy ... I'm just using this post to establish some labels for my schedule! But now you're privy to my plans:

I even made myself a planner y'all ... its serious!
Start Your Week in the Word - Monday
A devotional in the style that I've been posting on Instagram. I can't keep up with posting them daily so my aim is to do one twice a week. They will also be edited and better thought out this way (in theory).

Transformation Tuesday
I'll share workout information, transformation photos, recipes, anything related to my journey in weight loss, fitness, and helping others!

What Shelby Said Wednesday

Actually the brain child of a fellow attendee of a writing conference this weekend! I'm sure Victoria will be joining in on this one with increasing frequency in the coming months.

As a Deer Pants - Thirsty Thursday
This will be where I park my second devotional of the week. We're headed into the weekend!

Freestyle Friday
Anything goes! I've got to leave room for those inspired and miscellaneous ramblings of the artist mind of course.

I am praying this will make for a more enjoyable and predictable experience. Though I doubt predictable is a word anyone who knows me well would use to describe me. But here in my 30s I'm coming to have a bit of appreciation for at least a little structure. Mommy brain finally did me in.