Sorry! I'm late because ...

Sometimes when I'm late somewhere I feel this need deep down inside to explain why. Most of the time I end up thinking "eh, it's too long a story." So when I told myself that today when we were running late to story time at the library, I thought - aha, a story for the self-proclaimed storyteller.

Dedicated to all the families who are consistently late ... and the apologetic moms who were previously punctual.

When I was single ... I was on time everywhere. Sometimes I drove around the block because I was unfashionably early. I'm fairly certain I had thoughts like "Well, when I have kids I'll get them ready early so we won't be late." What a preventable dilemma. What was I thinking?

It wasn't that I looked down on those who were late. One of my best friends growing up was always the late one. She was always laid back (or had a crazy story about why she was late). My personality is to get anxious when I'm late (though, Lord help me, I'm getting over that) so I always tried to avoid it.

Add two little people to the mix, and you've added a incalculable variable into your timeliness equation.

The day started like this ... darn teeth ... and mean mommy, eating a bowl of cereal right in front of her ...
Story time is at 10:30 and it takes us about 15 minutes to get there ... so I aim to have them ready around 10. Today we were even ready early! Bravo mama!

What do you do when you're ready early? Well, we can't get there early - then they'd be tired of being there before it was even time to start the story. So I decided to straighten my hair. It probably takes 5-10 minutes.

I came out and warned them it was time to switch from cloth diapers to disposable (we can talk about THAT some other time). Glanced at the baby, good she's still dressed! Changed her diaper.

Turned to Shelby ... her cloth diaper was dry! Awesome! Had her sit on the potty. Made sure everything was by the door ready to go. Spied Victoria ... now with only one sock on. DOH!

Reward successful peepee in the potty! Yay! Happy dance! One green jelly bean. One pink jelly bean. One boodoo [blue] jelly bean. One white jelly bean. Done.

Reclothe Shelby. Instruct her to find her shoes.

Search for missing Tori sock. Give up. Find new pair. Doesn't match outfit. Oh well. Find Tori shoes. See Shelby shoes but no Shelby?

Find Shelby. Threaten to skip library.

Both kids by back door. Put Shelby shoes on. Everybody ready?

Climb in car. Strap in seat. Strap in seat. Find sunglasses. Start car. Darn it now it is 10:28!

And then of course, the piece de resistance ... a train. Our county road crosses a track just adjacent to a switch. We came upon a very long train which had just started and was moving slowly. And very long. It strung out before us both ways.

To the right ...

To the left to the left ... everything you own ... um, no.

At least we got to enjoy the fun ding-ding-ding-ding ... the girls always get a kick out of that.

So that's why we were late. It's a long story.

Some other time I'll tell the story about "those parents" that let their children destroy their clothing. I see SO many kids with cute bows and neatly cared for hair. I'm sure everyone could do that if they tried - maybe they just don't care.

That shirt did not come with fringe ...

DOH! Future stylist/doctor/gymnast/momma/... thinks its funny.


  1. Been there done that! This too shall pass! Roll with it! Focus on the memory making. Do you need anymore encouraging phrases? I'm just impressed you do fancy hair everyday!!! Hugs, Dawn

    1. Thank you for the encouragement 😊 I've learned to embrace the late and at least attempt to be on time, out of respect for others ... it's kinda funny when we show up early on Sunday and K&C are like "Do you know what time it is????"

  2. I found the missing sock! In the bottom pan of my double boiler ... In a drawer in the kitchen. No I don't use my double boiler THAT frequently ... I was returning the top pan after I found it being used to cook a plastic caterpillar in the girls' kitchen.


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