Saying Yes

Last week I started a new Bible study called "The Best Yes" by Lysa TerKeurst. I didn't think I had trouble saying "No." when I know I'm too busy. But I do still have trouble saying no. And I have trouble saying YES when something "feels" selfish. Or like something I would really like to do.

Five years ago I didn't have trouble saying yes in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area when Tim asked me to marry him. That trip seems like just yesterday and yet so far away. We've been through so much since then, and now we're a family of four! Victoria Grace was named after the Grace of God, not the lake that tried to kill us. But perhaps she is just as tough as that lake ...

I had to wait to wear it because it was too big and we were paddling a canoe!

I can still hear the loon that was calling when I took this picture
The study has me thinking about the things I want to say yes to. My writing is always the one that is stirring in my heart that I struggling to find what it is God is calling me to. Through this study I am learning to seek and discover and unearth wisdom and then apply it to the decisions I have to make. I feel on the verge of something this time.

The sunrise on my birthday five years ago - He loves us

Another decision I am searching for God's will about is the burning in me to become a Noonday Ambassador. When we were in Nicaragua I bought a pair of earrings and a bracelet a young girl had made. She was selling jewelry to save up for college. When my heart burns angry against the conditions some leaders hold their people in ... the "choices" left for women not wanting to become mothers ... the oft ignored illegal trade of [mostly] women and children as slaves even here in our own country ... with the fire comes the smoky whisper to do something. If you love women like you claim to, DO SOMETHING.

We're not afraid of a little hard work - THIS is camping
Becoming an ambassador would allow me to do something ... to make a demand for the beautiful things these beautiful people craft. To give them the opportunity to do something good. Encouraging. Freeing. I may not be a fashionista, I prefer subtle timeless clothing ... but I love an eye-catching accessory. Especially if it has a story.

Among the thoughts of these pieces with stories, with better lives behind them, an idea was born.

Where are you taking me, Lord? I'm not afraid. Fickle Grace calm as glass ...

Echoing in my soul is the longing to tell stories. Sure, I have my own stories to tell, but what if God wants me to help someone else tell their story? Tears spring to my eyes. Oh Jesus, is this the glimmering gem you have for me? To use the talents you have given me to help someone else put to paper, to words, to the world their stories? My heart and soul cry YES!

This may be my Best Yes. As the morning air crisps in harvest glory ... as dew like scattered crystals kisses the parched summer earth ... I may have found my calling. It is time to dig into that fertile ground in search of the treasure of God's wisdom.

I miss these colors
It felt like saying goodbye ... I long to go back
September ushers in fall and I long, nostalgic, for that season so protracted here in Texas. A taste of what my Wisconsin husband must feel. But as the leaves begin to blaze into the final glory of their being and rustle to the ground ... I will only glance back with a smile and know that God has adventures yet ahead. It's gonna be wild. It's gonna be great. It's gonna be full of Him.


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