At the beginning of 2014 I quit Facebook. My reasons were things like comparing myself to others and that it made me feel narcissistic.

Maybe the drama too.

The FB drama follows you even if you don't follow it on FB
A little older and perhaps a little wiser (one would hope) I decided to get back on with a new mindset.

Even though it's "my" Facebook ... it isn't all about me. There are a lot of family and friends who miss out on seeing Shelby and Victoria. Facebook is the most universal way to share these little blessings and their antics.

I'm not here for the drama
Many of the ways I used to communicate with new and old friends have become antiquated. What used to be forums have moved to Facebook groups (which do seem to be easier to use, and puts everything in one place). Some of these friends I've never met prayed me through some of the harder times in my life and even if we've never met they're still friends and I miss them.

Even meeting new people, it isn't unusual for them to ask about Facebook before asking about phone numbers.

I miss family and their kids! Inevitably we've grown up and grown apart. Big holidays are spent with our own expanding families instead of with our extended families the way we did as kids. Say what you will about the authenticity of , but seeing their pictures and thoughts and stories on Facebook makes me feel closer to them than not seeing them at all.

Some changes I've made are:
The kids have enough drama we don't need any more thanks.
1. One problem was that I was starting to get on Facebook first thing in the morning. I've turned off notifications so I'm not having Facebook "pushed" on me. That takes away the temptation to see who liked what before I spend some time with God!

2. I've opened a Twitter account for the more charged things like news and politics. Facebook for friends and family, Twitter for news, weather, sports, and things that tend to start petty arguments and hurtful comments. Perhaps they aren't petty arguments - but no one ever changed their mind about a heated topic because of a Facebook comment war (that I know of).

That's enough about that. Social media and anything on it is only as big of a deal in my life as I let it be. If I'm honest (and I try to be) I'm glad to be back. And I like llamas. But not drama. Unless its llama drama, that I think I could take.